Monday, October 29, 2007

Mama Don't 'Low!

I'm in Phoenix, AZ packing up stuff to get back to CA asap including my big art table which has always been my preferred surface to work upon. Plus, I'm on a bit of a tight deadline (details later) and I'm flipping today between packing and drawing. To keep my motor running, I've been playing this vintage clip from Roy Acuff's Open House over and over again.
I love jug band music and "Mama Don't 'Low" may be my favorite jug band song--that's probably because when I was a guitar player in a jug band (gulp!) 40 years ago...this was the song we opened with and it is guaranteed to get a crowd revved up.
What a great little spot this is.
Robert Lunn on washboard and Bashful Brother Oswald plays a humorous jug.
I'm a sucker for harmonica quartets.
The entire concept of a bass harmonica has always cracked me up.
Jimmy Riddle's "eeeeph" singing at the end is a great example of a form of country scat singing.
Enjoy...I gotta get back to packing and drawing!

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