Monday, October 22, 2007

On Criticism?

It's an eerie day here in Orange County, CA. The atmosphere is smoky and dark.
Small, gritty ashes are falling from the not-so-friendly skies--but they are ashes, not burning embers.
The closest fire is in Irvine, which is alarmingly close to where we dwell.
But so far (knock on wood!) we are okay.
But, yes, we are packed and ready to run if so instructed.
Found this today while looking through the archives for things to take in an emergency.
I think it was for my first entry in "The Frying Pan" which was a professional apazine organized by Scott McCloud in the '80s.
Apazine....sounds so quaint and archaic in today's interconnected world, doesn't it?


bob said...

Hey, I know that eye.

Larry Marder said...

Good catch, Bob.
Right you are!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see, through the smoke and fires, that you and yours are doing well and will keep fingers and all crossed that it remains so!
D/C inLA