Wednesday, October 10, 2007

See You At SPX!

I'll be hovering around the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund booth!
And I'll have a full report as soon as I can on all my adventures there!
Also...check out my interview with Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter!


Unknown said...

Very awesome new pics... I so wish I could attend SPX but I looked into the finances, and even renting a car and driving down is too much at this time. Sigh... I'll have to wait til you allow online adoptions...

Nice interview too. I'm eager to find out more info on Beanworld collection stuff. Did the Eclipse bankruptcy/sale affect any rights to republishing, like in Miracleman? Please consider publishing the ashcans if possible, I never even knew those existed until I came across the website!

Have fun at SPX!

Anonymous said...

Sometime after you return from your debut at SPX, can you please talk a little bit about "it's not a product - it's a process"?