Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oppps! I missed Tuesday's Tantalizing Teaser.

Well, yesterday I was in transit flying home from SPX.
What a great show--I had a terrific time.
In fact, I had such a fun time, I generally forgot to take pictures.
(I particularly regret that I was convulsing with shock-and-awe laughter during the Nick Gurewitch and the Ape Ignatz acceptance speech and failed to document it.
As you can see from the picture in the link to Heidi's blog--I was right up front and as close an eye witness as one could have been to this incredible moment of comic book history--the bald head in the lower right hand corner of the pic is me--the guy on the right is Nick Abadzis, creator of Laika.)
As far as this week's Tantalizing Teaser goes....check out the picture of Charles Brownstein of the CBLDF up above.
See that he is reading something?
Well, what he is reading is the current draft of the next Beanworld story.
And that is how I'm gonna tease you all this week--Charles knows what happens!


Unknown said...


That's the meanest tease ever!

Love the Pod'l Pool Cuties orphan :)

David Goldfarb said...

I totally agree.