Monday, October 22, 2007

The BibliOdyssey Book!

Larry Marder's "Lizard Brain" is shrieking today. I just read about the publication of "BibliOdyssey Book" by Fuel.

Larry must have this book.
Larry must have it immediately!

BibliOdyssey is consistently one of my favorite sites as I've written on several occasions. The brainchild of a brilliant Australian curator/researcher named PK (aka peacay) BibliOdyssey is described like this on Amazon:

"BibliOdyssey's mission over the past two years has been to diligently trawl the dustier corners of the Internet and retrieve these materials for our attention. Thanks to the daily efforts of this singular blog, a myriad of long-forgotten imagery has now re-surfaced, from eighteenth-century anatomical and architectural drawing to occult and alchemical engravings and proto-Surrealist depictions of the horrors of industrialization."

The blog is highly recommended and I'm pretty darn certain the book will merit the same!

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