Thursday, October 18, 2007

From Out Of The Beanworld Archives...

I kinda like this drawing. It's undated...but it looks to me to be from the early to mid 80s while I was still in the advertising business.
A lot of the letters I was writing to comic book lettercols during that period looked a lot like this piece.
It's a peculiar amalgamation of influences--Crumb, Wolverton, and Native American motifs.


bob said...

The second I saw this one I was thinking how much it looks like your normalman letter column illustration.

Larry Marder said...

It sure does, Bob.
This style comes from a sandbox I love to play in--but really has nothing to do with Beanworld proper.
But it demonstrates what I mean when I say that I consider ALL the artwork I create to have been built out the same toolbox of personal aesthetic sensibilities.