Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Elvis and The Penalty of Leadership

Now, it's well documented that The King of Rock and Roll had an infatuation with Cadillacs.
He liked to buy them and he liked to give them away.
Which made him a dang good customer of the Cadillac Company.

In 1967, Cadillac sent out scrolled facimile reproductions of the 1915 Penalty of Leadership advertisement to their current customer list. Because he was such a loyal consumer of Cadillac's automobile product line, Elvis recieved a copy of the 52 year old advertisement.
"When he read it, he said that even though the piece of paper had been written before he was born, the author could have just as well been writing about him.Elvis framed the scroll and hung it near the desk in his office at the mansion. It still hangs in Graceland today for visitors to see."

Just goes to show ya--great advertising is timeless--even if the language and typography can seem antiquated and dated.

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