Tuesday, August 21, 2007

If there were comic book conventions in 1947--this might be what they would do at night at their wild parties in the then swanky Hotel San Diego!

Cartoonists drawing blindfolded!
Thanks to Johnny C at Hole-in-the-Head for this astounding and totally hilarious find in a 1947 issue of Life Magazine. Check it out -----> HERE!


Anonymous said...

I think I liked Skeezix best. For some reason it reminded me of something Art Dekko from Zot! would imagine.

JJA said...

Would you care to try it with a Beanworld character and post the result here?

Larry Marder said...

To Carol:
You know, I thought the same thing!

Sure thing!
Excellent suggestion. Check my post of 8/25.
Thanks for the challenge!