Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My SD07 photos are up at last!

And can be found right HERE!


Anonymous said...

Nice photos. Your sketches are always so amazing. How long did that one with Mr. Spook take? Looks like it would've taken hours!
The photo under your previous post--Pssssst!--looks intriguing too. I hope you'll link again when there's "more babble later."
Also, I was wondering, how did the Goofy Service Jerks flashback get "discombobulated" in Beanworld 17-19?
It was good to see you again at Con. So far, I've seen two photos of the "orphan" I adopted. I think it's happy here. I know I'm happy with it!

Larry Marder said...

Which sketch of Mr. Spook are you referring to, Carol? I doubt it took me more'n 10-15 minutes. I'm not Sergio Aragones or Steve
Bissette type of fast but once I get started...I can do all that Beanworld stuff pretty quickly.
Oh, and the GSJ in the original TOTB wasn't discombobulated--just the characters themselves in the story. But, the damage that they had been punished for--the dissolution of Mr.Spook's trusty fork is integral to the stuff that takes place in the up-coming Beanworld storyline.
And which Orphan did you adopt? I'm sure you showed me at the Con but the memory of it has escaped me? What's going on within the frame?

Anonymous said...

It's the blue and green ecstatic bean with arms and legs wide that Charles is holding in his right hand in the photo of the two of you with the orphans. I liked how the design flowed onto the picture frame. I liked the joy expressed. When I showed it to you, you said, "I like this one!" Me too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot, I meant the Mr. Spook sketch you drew for Lisa and Kevin during Todd's panel when no one else was in the booth. The one in the pictures. Wow.
I remember one year at Con you drew an amazing sketch for Andy while the Con swirled around you. It's like you just slip into this other world. I'm so glad that there will be new Beanworld soon. We all want to slip into that world with you again.