Friday, August 3, 2007

My Do-It-Yourself Der Stinkle

This humongous tangle of a plant started out a couple of years ago as a few barren shoots of brownish green in the dirt of my back patio in Arizona.
It grew incredibly fast. And got really big!
About a year ago, Cory in an adventurous moment, cut it back to its roots, and like the Hydra, for every shoot cut back--it seems two have regrown in its place. And it grew back. Incredibly fast. And got really big--again.
It gets no water whatsoever. In fact, now that it is the official monsoon season and it gets drenched with rain now and seems to be turning a bit brownish. In the spring it shot forth, delicate lavender-colored tufty frond thingies.
My Toy Company colleague, Jenny D'Amore tells me that it's just plain ol' desert grass but I know better! I call it my Do-It-Yourself Der Stinkle and it gives me great pleasure to watch it grow and change.
I'll try to take a picture of it every season as the Beanworld turns.

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