Monday, August 6, 2007

Wonderfully weird Jolly Green Giant spot

A really weird spot from the folks at Leo Burnett. The way it was explained to me years ago, the Giant started out as a scary monster and then in the post-war era on TV transformed into the friendly Ho-Ho-Ho dude we all remember in the 70s when he was finally upstaged by ever so cute and often annoying Little Green Sprout. This clip is a gem and from the Mickey Rooney Show no less--whahoolazuma!

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Phillip said...

I have a strange mp3 (I don't recall its origin) that has this same Green Giant jingle, plus a bit with Fred Waring & his Pennsylvanians performing "a new birthday song" for the Giants (I believe) 25th birthday. There are instructions on how to sing the new song, and ways to adapt it to anniversarys or other occasions. It never caught on, 'cause I've only ever heard it on the mp3 I have!