Thursday, August 23, 2007

Freshest Taste In Beans!

(Not allowed to imbed this Jolly Green Giant commercial--but please click it and give it a look-see and come back here!)

"Good things from the Garden, Garden in the Valley, Valley of the Jolly Green Giant!"

I remember this 60s ad as if I'd seen it for the first time just yesterday.
I loved the jingle and used to sing it all the time.
(Really liked the female voice singing the echo!)

As a kid I truly believed that green beans cut at an angle were more juicy and flavorful!

This mixture of live action and animation is from the Leo Burnett ad agency when ol' Leo was still alive and at the apex of his creative powers.

It is impossible to measure how much influence the character driven advertisements from Leo Burnett influenced me while I was growing up.

In fact, it was an ad spot for Green Giant peas (featuring the Little Green Sprout) that served as a springboard for part of the storyline for Beanworld #1.

That was in the '80s and a different story for a different time.

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