Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's Tantalizing Teaser Tuesday!

Two rough and dirty scans of photocopies of pencil drawings.

We last glimpsed these two two adventurous Pod'l'pool Cuties in the preview ashcan Hungry. Turns out they got themselves in a bit of a jam and The Elusive Notworm rescues them from terrible high altitude peril. No one realizes it yet--but the little one's mischief sets some amazing events in motion!


Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,

I read all the Beanworlds from Eclipse back in the 80s when they were published. Later when I had kids, I read the comics to them too. =)

My daughters and I are really glad that you're still interested in Beanworld. There are so many questions left unanswered...

Anonymous said...

Tantalizing Teaser Tuesday is aptly named. When those cuties went zooming up up and away in "Hungry" I just thought they were discovering a new float factor. I never realized they were heading for something more, much more. Tantalizing Teaser Tuesdays make me a happy happy sprout butt, and even more anxious to see new Beanworld comics. Thanks, Larry!

jasonturner said...

Ack, why have I never seen this "Hungry?!"

I suddenly feel.. hungry. For unseen Beanworlds.

Indigo Kelleigh said...

Howdy, Larry:
Any chance the Beanworld ashcans will go back into print? Sold on a website and at conventions, perhaps, to those of us who want them? Like me?