Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My last thoughts about SD07

Which turn out to be no thoughts at all.
This week has been a lot busier work-wise than I anticipated (and I anticipated a lot!).
Plus, Cory is back from India and we have been doing a lot of catching up. She with her fabulous trip and me with Comic-con annecdotes.
The convention itself is fading into memory and so I think I'm going to have to pass for the moment on writing much more about it. Like most things with me--it'll all come out in dribs and drabs later on.
I do, however, agree with almost everything Tom Spurgeon said in his informative, well written analysis at The Comics Reporter. The following even made me laugh out loud.
"16. Old San Diego (stabbings, bums) vs. New San Diego (William Morris
Agency parties, Starbucks)"

Ahhhhh, yes--the good ol' days of wild parties at Hotel San Diego and worrying about having one's sketch-sales cash stolen walking the streets at 4 am.
The Spurge also links to just about every blog summary worth reading. Check it out.

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