Friday, August 10, 2007

Goofy Scientific Factoid of the Day!

Is glass a solid or merely an extremely slow-moving liquid? Thinking about things that are neither one thing or the other veer into the neighborhood of Marcel Duchamp's notions of the Infra-mince. I've been meaning to talk about that here but haven't had time to get around to it. Remind me that I need to do that!

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Anonymous said...

Larry, among the things you've mentioned with the promise to talk about later are:
Petra in Jordan
Kellogg's series from Dark Horse
What Marcel Duchamp means to the Beanworld
Chicago Kid TV
Drawing on T-shirt material

Consider this your friendly neighborhood reminder from one of the many inquiring minds that want to know.

Larry Marder said...

Point well taken ,Carol.
Well, at least I'm not running out of ideas for this blog!
FYI: currently I'm working on drafts for Duchamp (which includes Infra-mince) and Leo Burnett--which includes Kellogg's characters which will lead either to or from the Dark Horse toys.

Anonymous said...