Thursday, August 9, 2007

Cakewalkin' Babies From Home!

I found this just now while lookin' for something else. Years ago, when I was in art school...for a few months over the winter of '71-'72 I DJ'd a traditional-type old time jazz broadcast on WWUH in West Hartford, CT. This superb cut was my intro theme song. It always was quite the segue from whatever preceeded me (something like Pure Prairie League or Gordon Lightfoot).
Once this track was crackling out of the speakers--it was time for "Hot Jazz on a Cold Night." (Or whatever my show was called)
It's still one of my very favorite Pops (Louis Armstrong) recordings and teamed up with Sidney Bechet on soprano sax too! This number just pops, and jumps, and swings!
Always makes me wanna get up and do a bean-dance!


Anonymous said...

Larry - Interesting to see your mention of WWUH, Pure Prarie League, and Cake Walkin Babies. I started doing shows at WWUH in 75. I graduated with a BA in mass comm, but continued doing shows and volunteering right up until now! I've enjoyed the entire spectrum of music since being exposed to the radio station.

Regards, Dave DeMaw, Tolland, CT

Jamie Cosley said...

Beanworld is one of my ALL TIME favorites!! Diggin' your blog, sir.

Anonymous said...

Wahoolazuma!! It's time to BOOM!