Monday, August 13, 2007

One of the worlds most puzzling mysteries: the moving rocks of Death Valley

Okay....I've never once before heard about these mysterious moving rocks. I haven't a clue if it is real, a hoax, or just an imaginary story. And, I guess I really don't care. If it isn't SHOULD be true. Kudos to melastmohican for the stunning photo. Makes me think about Robert Smithson. I'd say...remind me to write about him someday but I'm pretty backed up with things I need to write about...aren't I?
These rocks, some as heavy as 700 pounds, are inexplicably transported across a
virtually flat desert plain, leaving erratic trails in the hard mud behind them,
some hundreds of yards long. They move by some mysterious force, and in the nine
decades since we have known about them, no one has ever seen them move.

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Anonymous said...

Round and round the ragged rascal the rugged rocks ran.

JJA said...

There are similar reports from not-too-far Coconino county, where bricks have been observed to mysteriously rise into the air before being flung straight at the noggin of a bemused local cat. Eyewitness accounts of a mouse shaped shadow seen below the bricks have been dismissed by law enforcement offisas as 'ludicrous'.

Larry Marder said...

No question about it jja--that got a genuine LOL outa me!